New Year’s Irresolution

So long, suckers, it’s been nice knowing ya. I’m moving up in the world. On my way to where the air is sweet. New year, new Nick. Things are gonna be a whole lot different from here on in.  This past week I’ve hauled my accumulated crap up a narrow steep flight of stairs from … Continue reading New Year’s Irresolution

It’s Puddin’ Time

As much as you think you won’t like it, because it’s chock full of gross dried fruit, held together with beef fat, and has been sitting in a corner unrefrigerated for six weeks, Christmas pudding is an objectively wondrous thing, and you will love it. And you will ask for more.

A Few Words About John Clarke

John Clarke died yesterday, and I'm rather more upset than I would have expected. For non-Australians/New Zealanders, Clarke was a genuine satirist in a time when the word has been diluted and dispersed so freely that it no longer has much meaning. He shed a blinding light on hypocrisy and stupidity and was hilarious while he did … Continue reading A Few Words About John Clarke

Roman and Turin part 1

I should be looking out the window. I'm midway through a six hour train ride through Italy, and the scenery is lovely. But you people are so demanding!  I've left Rome and am on my way north to a town called Pavia. I'm suffering from the usual complaints of the extremely budget-conscious traveler (back, sinuses, … Continue reading Roman and Turin part 1

A Stroll Through the Belly of the Beast

Recently in lower Manhattan, an astonishing new attraction/eyesore was unveiled. A massive white marble mausoleum, it’s what officials quoted in newspapers like to call a “transport hub”, which makes slightly more sense, but has vastly less terrifying supernatural impact than, its official title: THE OCULUS. Built in the hole left by the twin towers, a … Continue reading A Stroll Through the Belly of the Beast

Get Off My Lawn, Punks

It’s been about 6 months since I posted something on this blog, and what a pleasure it’s been, eh? But I’ve finally succumbed to the barrage of insistent inquiries that could conceivably have been pouring in, and put feeble fingers to calcified keys. Just to tell you that I’ve got nothing to say. When we … Continue reading Get Off My Lawn, Punks

Barbies, Big Bands, and Bolting from Bar Tabs: Sydney, Week 2

Note: this all happened ages ago. N When we left each other last, I was dealing with my 40th birthday with calm, philosophical, zen-like acceptance. And four jugs of Illusion and a tattoo. This dubious landmark fell, as have so many before it, on New Year’s Day; and as this was a big one, my … Continue reading Barbies, Big Bands, and Bolting from Bar Tabs: Sydney, Week 2

Little Italy, Big Fish,and Skank in a Chinese Brothel: Sydney, Week 1

Note: the word "now" in the first sentence refers to a time about two weeks ago. Pretend I posted this then, and you're just reading it now. I know, you've been busy... I’m writing to you now (that was it) on a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to New York. They’ve got a good … Continue reading Little Italy, Big Fish,and Skank in a Chinese Brothel: Sydney, Week 1

Bonkers in Honkers Part 2

When I left you, we were about to start playing at Hong Kong’s Lyric Theater- technically the reason for us being there. For an out-of-touch bebop musician like me, a relatively big pop show like this is unfamiliar territory. I’m used to playing with two or three cohorts, minimal amplification, minimal audience, almost nothing in … Continue reading Bonkers in Honkers Part 2

Bonkers in Honkers Part 1

The following was written in Hong Kong, but posted in Sydney. I'm really not very good at this. Enjoy! If you’ve been enduring my incessant social mediafying, you’ll know we’re about half way through our Hong Kong escapade, and I thought a rundown was in order. I’m here with a gang of killer musicians from … Continue reading Bonkers in Honkers Part 1