A mad scramble, Jay Z, and sun on your bollards

These tunes have a real way of sneaking up on me. Feels like tune #5, Target Practice, just dropped (missed it? Get it here: Target Practice at iTunes ), and suddenly we’re due back in the studio. It also just dawned on me that drummer to the stars (and me), Slammin’ Dan Aran is about to jet off to some unlikely former Eastern bloc country for a month of touring. So I’m now scrambling to organize a studio session for next week, with tune unwritten, and band unbooked. Also we have heading our way one of these snow storms that send both our public transportation systems and our Canadian cousins into hysterics, but for different reasons. This wouldn’t affect our performance (in fact, this band does some of its best work in extreme weather conditions), but our hard working, long suffering engineer, Andrew, lives in one of those far-flung precincts where the subway lines have dragged themselves above ground to feel the sun on their bollards. Come snowfall, he’s stranded. So we’ll see what happens- by hook or by crook, tune #6 will be yours March 1. Probably.

Here are a few articles that have drifted through the transom this week at Catch and Release HQ, the first being a real kick in the arse after my last gloating post on the superiority of vinyl:

LA Weekly: Why CDs may actually sound better than vinyl

And on the topic of streaming music:

Business Insider: Norway has solved the issue of music piracy

The Guardian: Jay Z has bought his own streaming music service

We might have a chat about these in the next one. Cheers, Nick

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