A soothing balm for your burning questions

Just a quick note to address the couple of questions that have been flooding in since the release of the first tune:

  • The outrageously talented cats on that track with me were: Dan Aran at the drums, Jeremy Manasia on the piano, and Dave Baron on bass. This info is documented in various places but I did neglect to include it in the last post. (Not “The Last Post”.) If you’d like to know more about these guys, check out their websites:                           Dan: http://www.danaran.net                                                                                Jeremy: http://www.jeremymanasia.com                                                                         Dave: http://www.davebaronmusic.com                                                                            (If you’d like information of a more personal nature, contact me privately and we can negotiate a price.)
  • Dan Aran and I have been playing together for ten years. Unfortunately, due to a disagreement over a woman (Susan B. Anthony), we haven’t spoken directly to each other in over two years. For some time now we’ve employed an intermediary named Daryl to facilitate any necessary conversations. It makes counting off tunes extraordinarily complicated.
It stands for "Badonkadonk". That's where the word comes from!
It stands for “Badonkadonk”. That’s where the word comes from!
  • The next tune is due to be released Tuesday September 2. For convenience I’ve said every 6 weeks, but the plan is really to release on the 1st or 15th of the month. (September 1st is Labor Day here, so work is out of the question…)
  • It was a complete coincidence that track one dropped the same day as Weird Al Yankovic’s new album, Mandatory Fun. It’s inconvenient, and slightly awkward, but Weird has been very cool, and hasn’t mentioned anything. (I’ll be talking about his release in a post next week, but check out his “Word Crimes” if you haven’t already)

Thanks so much to all who picked up the first tune, shared a post, and/or got in touch! If you’ve got a burning question, drop me a line here in the comments, or on Twitter or Facebook. More soon! Cheers, Nick


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